• Reed Bunzel

Repeat: Don't Kick The Hornet's Nest

We all make errors in judgment. And sometimes we realize we may have gone too far in characterizing a situation when we think we have all the facts, but we may not.

I’m referring to a blog I posted last summer in which I cautioned writers to ignore the bad reviews they receive on Amazon, B&N, and other websites. No use getting into a debate over such a trivial thing, I counseled. It will only cause spark to fly, I warned. Nothing good can come from kicking a hornet’s nest, I wrote.

To illustrate my point, I referenced an anonymous one-star review I received for my novel Palmetto Blood, back in 2012. I insinuated that I knew the reviewer, and proceeded to describe why that person might have penned such a poor critique. In hindsight I've realized was a bit too impetuous, and not mindful that my perception of the truth might not be in alignment with the reviewer's.

I won’t get into any further details, other than to say it would have been more prudent – and way more professional – for me to have heeded my own advice, and just let it go. But I let my ego get the better of me, and in doing so I re-ignited some long-smoldering embers. Lesson learned.

A new year brings new revelations, and new spiritual growth.

Apologies all around. Namaste.

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