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Beyond All Doubt

[Reed Bunzel writing as Hilton Reed]

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“Hilton Reed's Beyond All Doubt is an edge-of-your-seat fast-moving thrill-ride, kicked off by the reappearance of a dead man and propelling the reader along to the final bullet—and beyond.”— S.J. Rozan, best-selling author of The Mayors of New York 

Beyond All Doubt is a taut, smart, and emotionally rich thriller. Reed has a sharp eye for character and a screenwriter's feel for action. This tale is sleek as a mink and fast as a bullet.”— T. Jefferson Parker, author of The Rescue


Beyond All Doubt is not a 'who done it,' but a twisty, compelling 'who did what.' Cameron Kane is sympathetic, yet an unrelenting bulldog in his pursuit of the truth about his wife's death. Intriguing and intense, Beyond All Doubt is a winner!”—Matt Coyle, bestselling author of the Rick Cahill crime novels


“In this action-packed and engrossing thriller, Hilton Reed masterfully balances between a husband’s drive to uncover the truth about his wife’s death and a father’s instinct to protect his family at all costs. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down!”— Matthew Farrell, bestselling author of The Woman at Number 6


Beyond All Doubt has plenty of thrills—deadly snipers, false identities, shocking deaths—but at its heart, this book is about a grieving single father whose desperation propels the plot like a speeding car with its brake lines cut.”— Cayce Osborne, author of I Know What You Did

Other Crime Novels by Reed Bunzel

Greenwich_Mean_Time_Cover 090522.jpg

Greenwich Mean Time is a globe-spanning, mind-spinning thriller that will delight fans of Jason Bourne. Ronin Phythian, an assassin with extraordinary powers and a code of his own, deserves a sequel. Make that sequels.” —Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of House on Fire

 “Greenwich Mean Time is a rollicking good time of thrills and skills.” —New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

Palmetto Blood is a winner. It sweeps you in with intrigue and authority and never lets you go. I want to go riding with Jack Connor again.” —Michael Connelly, bestselling author of The Lincoln Lawyer and Resurrection Walk


Indigo Road is a beautifully wrought, hard-biting story with elements of classic noir presented through a prism of modern sensibilities. A fantastic read.” —S.A. Cosby, bestselling author of All the Sinners Bleed 

“Reed Bunzel peels away the layers of mystery like a master of the genre.  The American south hasn’t seemed this hot, menacing and filled with surprises in ages.  Bravo to a fine writer and a splendid novel.” —T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar Award winning author of The Rescue

"Original, riveting, and with more unexpected plot twists and turns than a Disneyland roller coaster, Greenwich Mean Time is a fun read for anyone with an interest in assassination and conspiracy psychic thriller novels." —Midwest Book Review

"Over-the-top action..." —Publishers Weekly

"Bunzel is a kind of William Faulkner of the thriller-writing world. His effortless prose crackles with color and authenticity." —Providence Journal


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