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Reviews of Greenwich Mean Time


“A globe-spanning, mind-spinning thriller that will delight fans of Jason Bourne. Ronin Phythian, an assassin with extraordinary powers and a code of his own, deserves a sequel. Make that sequels.” —Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of House on Fire

 “Greenwich Mean Time is a rollicking good time of thrills and skills.” New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

“Original, riveting, and with more unexpected plot twists and turns than a Disneyland roller coaster, Greenwich Mean Time is a fun read for anyone with an interest in assassination and conspiracy psychic thriller novels.” Midwest Book Review

“Over-the-top action...” Publishers Weekly

Reviews of the Jack Connor Crime Series

Indigo Road is a beautifully wrought, hard-biting story with elements of classic noir presented through a prism of modern sensibilities. A fantastic read.” —S.A. Cosby, bestselling author of All the Sinners Bleed 


“Palmetto Blood is a winner. It sweeps you in with intrigue and authority and never lets you go. I want to go riding with Jack Connor again.” —Michael Connelly, bestselling author of The Lincoln Lawyer and Resurrection Walk


“In Palmetto Blood, Reed Bunzel peels away the layers of mystery like a master of the genre.  The American south hasn’t seemed this hot, menacing and filled with surprises in ages.  Bravo to a fine writer and a splendid novel.” —T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar Award winning author of The Rescue and A Thousand Steps


“Reed Bunzel captures the sights, sounds, and smells of Charleston with accuracy and feeling. His characters immediately come to life – and face death and danger with excitement and real-life drama. He is a mystery/thriller writer to watch...and read.” – Joseph Terrell, author of Tide Of Darkness and Overwash Of Evil


“Taut and elegantly written, gritty in the land of genteel, nothing runs colder than Palmetto Blood. Reed Bunzel totally gets the rich contradictions of coastal Carolina – the side porches and the Citadel, the society ladies and the Southern Mafia, the sweet demeanor and the killer instincts. He makes you want to move down immediately – then makes you scared to.” — Ellis Henican, New York Newsday


“Palmetto Blood is well worth reading, especially for those seeking a mystery with a bit of southern flavor.”—Midwest Book Review


“Reed Bunzel’s Carolina Heat lights up the Southern sky with taut, exciting action and a memorable cast of characters led by Jack Conner, a protagonist sure to become a major favorite of crime fiction fans. Don’t let this book pass you by.” —Michael McGarrity, bestselling author of Hard County, Backlands, and the Kevin Kerney crime novels


“Raw, irreverent, and witty, Reed Bunzel’s story of a tattooed war vet turned temporary private eye snaps, crackles, and pops with authenticity. War-tested, street smart, and sassy, Jack Connor is someone you want with you in a foxhole or the bloody back roads of South Carolina.” —Former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, bestselling author of Blink Of An Eye and Dragon Fire


"It may be hot in South Carolina, but Iraq War vet and crime scene clean-up specialist Jack “Connor is nothing but cool.  Tightly plotted and skillfully written, Carolina Heat makes clear that Reed Bunzel has created a winning series." —Alafair Burke, author of All Day And A Night and If You Were Here


“Reed Bunzel not only captures the nuances of his protagonist’s profession, but in a way that the reader can understand in the rich environment of the South Carolina lowcountry. You smell it, taste it, hear it, and feel it as he guides you.” –Paul Sinor, screenwriter and author of the mystery series Johnny Morocco, Dixie Detective


“Reed Bunzel has written a wonderfully balanced suspenseful thriller with humor and danger, love and friendship, death and healing. Both the setting and the characters add real depth to balance the suspense of a murder investigation. Each character takes on his or her own personality through the effective dialogue and behavior, and his descriptive details of the setting evoke vivid images and ambiance and depth. Everyone is a suspect—including Jack Connor, who keeps brushing up against law enforcement—until a final thrilling scene in which the marvelous twist ending is revealed.” —Foreward Reviews

Reviews of Seven-Thirty Thursday


"Reed Bunzel‘s Seven-Thirty Thursday (Suspense Publishing) is an intensely personal tale that echoes of both Greg Isles and John Hart. Rick Devlin is living proof of the old Thomas Wolfe adage that you can’t go home again, especially in the wake of his mother’s murder at his father’s hand in his once beloved Charleston, South Carolina. That is until new evidence surfaces that suggests his father may be innocent, leading Devlin to launch his own investigation. It turns out pretty much everyone involved is hiding something and it’s up to him to sort through the grisly morass to get to the truth. This establishes Bunzel as a kind of Will Faulkner of the thriller-writing world. His effortless prose crackles with color and authenticity as the brooding Charleston skies sets the stage for the storm that’s coming." —Providence Journal

"Bunzel's voice is his own, but with a bit of Pat Conroy and James Lee Burke thrown in. This is a writer that every mystery fan should follow." Joseph Badal, author of the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files

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