Seven-Thirty Thursday (Coming October 29)


Former star athlete Rick Devlin left Charleston in the rearview mirror just days after his father was sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother. Now—thirty years later—he returns home to care for the reviled old man, who on his death bed insists the trial was a sham and the jury convicted an innocent man. Against his better judgment, Devlin begins to investigate his mother’s death, uncovering the roots of his family’s dysfunction and revisiting some painful memories from his past. It seems everyone has something to hide, including two generations of family lawyers, a corrupt state cop, a sanctimonious televangelist, the ghosts of several redneck butchers, and the specter of a young black boy who died a most horrific death. He also unexpectedly runs into his old high school flame, an intense heat that has lingered all these years.

Hurricane Blues (Coming October 15)


Hurricane Blues engages the reader with an American South that’s still measured by how Jim Crow flies. Race, religion, and politics are powerful threads tightly woven through the state’s cultural tapestry, and Connor quickly finds himself tangled in a web of power, hate, fear, and family blood. In a region of the country where old skeletons lurk in dark family closets, he quickly finds that uncovering the truths of the past can carry serious consequences. Look for Hurricane Blues from Epicenter Press-Camel/Coffeetown Press sometime in 2019…date of publication is still being determined.

Carolina Heat (Reprint coming Summer 2019)


Two days after solving the murder of a young TV reporter (recounted in “Palmetto Blood,”), Iraq War vet Jack Connor and his crew are called to Myrtle Beach to clean a hotel suite where a “John Doe” has taken his life. It sounds like a typical cut-and-dry job, but when the crew arrives on-site it’s apparent there’s nothing typical about this scene. Despite the fact that the deceased jumped to his death from the balcony, there’s blood virtually everywhere in the suite, along with two suicides notes.   

Palmetto Blood


Just what did TV reporter Rebecca Rose do that got her brutally murdered and left in a dirty gutter in downtown Charleston? That's what Jack Connor – crime scene clean-up technician, recently discharged Iraq veteran, and the victim’s one-time lover – wants to know when he and his crew are called early one morning to sanitize her murder scene. The Charleston police are seeking answers to the same question, and when they learn of Connor’s romantic link to the victim they waste no time bringing him in for questioning as a “person of interest.” Still dealing with emotional and physical scars from the battlefield, Connor takes it upon himself to find Rebecca’s real killer, a search that leads him to start scratching the underbelly of the South Carolina lowcountry. Buy today on Amazon.


Pay For Play


In his new life, Stuart Logan had but one rule: no requests. Then again, in his new life he didn’t have much to worry about. He didn’t play the sort of music that inspired many people to want more. Nor did he play the sort of places where folks made a whole lot of requests—or demands of any sort, for that matter. Fact was, the people he entertained seemed fairly content just to sit and sip and listen whole Logan’s fingers plucked musical memories out of the thick, heavy summer night.

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